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Tue Mar 28 18:10:36 CEST 2006

walterbyrd wrote:
> Way back when, I got a lot of training and experience in highly
> structued software development.  These days, I dabble with
> web-development, but I may become more serious.
> I consider php to be an abombination, the backward compatibility issues
> alone are reason enough to make me hate it. Rail looks promising, but
> it's difficult to find inexpensive hosting that supports rails.
> I like python much better, but I'm not certain it's as well suited for
> web developement. 

It is. Much more than PHP.

The problem then is: which solution/framework. And there quite a few
Python web developpment solutions...

> I'm not sure how th e apache module thing works.

It exposes most of the Apache API to Python, and provides hooks to take
control over request processing.

> I am
> using shared hosting, they provide python, but I'm not sure how limited
> I'll be.

You can bet it'll be plain old cgi - possibly with an outdated Pyton

> Ideally, I would like to be able to develop a database driven web-app,
> in much the same manner as I could develop an ms-access app. As much as
> I dislike msft, I have to admit, an ms-access app can be put together
> quickly, without any steep learning curve.
> I've been looking at python web frameworks, and I'm not sure what to
> think. It seems like these frameworks would allow me to do a lot of
> work, with a small amount of code, but the learning curve seems very
> steep.

Which frameworks have you looked at ?

> I wouldn't even mind the steep learning curves, so much, except, it
> seems to me that anything developed with one framework, would not work
> with another. 

heck, this is true of all frameworks ever (web or not, Python or not).

> So if I changed my mind about which framework, I'd have
> to start all over again - re-learning everything, re-writing
> everything. Of course, everybody says their framework is the best. But
> how can I know for sure? 

Trying them ?

> I don't have time to try them all.

Then only try the ones that *may* fit your needs !-)

bruno desthuilliers
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