how to comment lot of lines in python

Michael Hobbs mike at
Fri Mar 31 11:59:34 EST 2006

Eric Deveaud wrote:
> olsongt at wrote:
>>  Eric Deveaud wrote:
>>> diffuser78 at wrote:
>>>>  Like in C we comment like
>>>>  /*
>>>>  Bunch of lines of code
>>>>  */
>>>>  Should we use docstring """ """
>>> I would say NO.  docstring are displayed by pydoc, thus a pydoc on your
>>> code will display some inconsistent information ;-)
>>  docstrings are a bit of a magical construct.  Not all strings in a
>>  function are docstrings.
> yep fogotten that triple quotted strings are considered as docstring
> only if they are the first lines of the module/fonction/class/method 
> excluding the comments lines.
The official rule is that if *any* string is the first line of a 
function/etc, it is considered a docstring. It's just standard 
convention to use the triple quotes for docstrings. As you mentioned, 
you can use triple quotes for any string; likewise, you can use standard 
quotes ( ' or " ) for docstrings as well.

- Mike

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