Write a GUI for a python script?

Ed Leafe ed at leafe.com
Mon Mar 6 18:59:25 CET 2006

On Mar 5, 2006, at 7:37 PM, Peter Decker wrote:

>> What little info I could find on the Dabo Wiki seems pretty old.   
>> I also
>> watched the two Sizer videos, but there's not enough info there to  
>> learn
>> much.
> I have to agree. The videos are great, but so much more is needed. One
> thing I can suggest is to post any questions on the dabo-users list.
> Both the authors are very responsive and helpful.

	<blush> Thanks for the compliment. Both Paul and I are very much  
aware of the lack of documentation, but it feels like anything we  
write now would become out-of-date quickly, since things (especially  
in the visual tools area) are changing so rapidly. I am planning on  
writing some documentation once the Class Designer and Menu Designer  
are largely completed, because then it will be a while before the  
next major change, as we look to integrate these tools into an IDE.

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