MVC in Python for web app dev

m.wanstall at m.wanstall at
Sun Mar 26 08:45:30 CEST 2006

Thanks Rune. I've already checked out Django and TG and have found both
the projects to be a little misguided. I think the one great thing they
have over Rails is the use of SQLObject because the implicit mapping of
data models via the "plural" approach of Rails is a bit of a quirk to
me, I just don't like it, it leaves too much room for human error due
to lack of control.

Having said that, neither TG or Django seem to have the learning
material available on an equivilent standard to Rails. Maybe it's just
because they're more immature and thus Rails has got the head start

I guess more than pointing out a few URLs I was looking for some
peoples honest opinion on why they would chose one over the other
(besides the basis of language alone). I'm just trying to source the
most viable option at the moment, trying to find something to offer
quickly without resorting to *shudders* Spring or the like.

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