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bruno at modulix onurb at xiludom.gro
Wed Mar 29 10:32:58 CEST 2006

walterbyrd wrote:
>>You can bet it'll be plain old cgi - possibly with an outdated Pyton version.
> I think you are right. In practical terms, what does that mean? Will I
> not be able to use modules? Will I not be able to use frameworks?

It means that you will be limited to what can run with cgi and the
installed Python version. But instead of wondering, why don't you check
this out with your hosting company ? And if it appears that Python
support is too limited, you can also change for a more Python-friendly

>>Which frameworks have you looked at ?
> django, turbogears, cheetah, cherrypy, . . .

cheetah is a templating system, not a framework. Django needs
mod_python. Turbogears needs Cherrypy, which is itself a web server - so
it's not sure you'll be able to run it, depending on your hosting.

Anyway - I'm actually developping an app with Django, I have also played
with Turbogears (not stable and documented enough by now to be used in
production IMHO, but definitively very exciting) and Cherrypy, and I
certainly wouldn't qualify the learning curve for any of them as 'steep'.

> By "looked at" I mean I read up on them, a little. I have not tried any
> of them.

Maybe you should ?

bruno desthuilliers
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