UPDATE imap folder scanner

Kun neurogasm at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 01:36:56 CET 2006

Okay So I got the 'search' part to work, which outputs me a long list of 
message numbers. how do i use that list of message numbers to fetch the 
'from' address for each one and send them a confirmation email?

is this some sort for loop?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kun wrote:
> Hey guys, I would like to have a code in python (as simple as possible) 
> to scan a specific folder in my mailbox and if the subject is equal to, 
> say, 'BIKES', I would like to have the code automatically send the 
> SENDER an email saying something like "We have received your Email". 
> Furthermore, I would also like to somehow save the sender's email into a 
> list which would be compiled by another python program into an html file 
> that would show a list of email addresses whose subject matched 'BIKE'
> I know i am asking for a lot but since i am new to python, can someone 
> help me out with this? Whether its tips or code, i'll be very excited to 
> hear your answer.  Thanks.

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