Uninstalling Python

Michael Ekstrand michael at elehack.net
Thu Mar 30 04:53:52 CEST 2006

Pete wrote:
> Ben Finney wrote:
>> "Pete" <pete at nospam.net> writes:
>>> I googled "python" and have no interest in it and know nothing about
>>> it.
>>> Therefore, I would like to uninstall  both the versions since I do
>>> not believe I need them.  Would it be okay to uninstall them or
>>> would you recommend that I keep them even though I will probably
>>> never use them (ie for the future just in case).
>> It should be okay to uninstall *any* software on your system if you
>> believe you don't want it.
>> If you don't have a system that defaults to removing software without
>> checking if other packages depend on it, I'd hope you have stern words
>> to say to your operating system vendor and seek out more user-friendly
>> operating systems.
> Thanks Ben...I told you in my very first few words who my operating system 
> vendor was (ie non other than "Bill Gates").  I said I was using xpsp2.  So 
> do all "windows" xp computer operating systems do what you said (ie, check 
> if other packages depend on something that you are uninstalling).  I would 
> certainly hope so, since MS is the world leader with "windows".  I am not a 
> pc guru like you are, so when you tell me to seek out more user friendly 
> operator systems, it is over my head.  I buy my pc's out of the box with 
> windows installed on them...Pete

AFAIK, Windows does not have such dependency information standard.

My recommendation: If it was, in fact, installed by HP's standard stuff,
leave it there. It's taking up relatively little space, most likely
isn't hurting anything, and is quite possibly used by some of the HP
utilities (they wouldn't install it if it wasn't).

- Michael

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