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Thomas Guettler niemand.leermann at
Thu Mar 9 16:55:25 CET 2006

Am Thu, 09 Mar 2006 00:35:25 -0800 schrieb Paul Rubin:

> Tim Roberts <timr at> writes:
>> Yes, but the CGI module doesn't write anything, so the advice of writing a
>> "Location:" header still applies.
> Aha, it's coming from
> where it says
>         self.send_response(200, "Script output follows")
> I got the two modules confused.  This still leaves me with the same
> basic problem, how to suppress the sending of that header.

I had this problem, too:

CGIHTTPServer writes "200" before the script gets executed!

You can return this:
   <meta http-equiv="refresh" 
         content="1; url=...">


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