interrupting pythonD with ^C

Steve Holden steve at
Sun Mar 19 13:07:44 CET 2006

John Savage wrote:
> I'm finding that many times when I inadvertently code an endless loop
> in pythonD code, on MSDOS, execution cannot be interrupted by ctrl-C
> and I am forced to reboot and this is rapidly loses its novelty.
> Do users of pythonD have a coding technique, or a library file to include,
> to endow a program with keyboard interrupt-ability?
> Endless loops arise when I forget to increment a loop index, or code
> incorrectly the end condition test, or indent wrongly, etc.

Well, you could try programming more carefully :-)

Alternatively, try CTRL/Break. That seems to interrupt even when a 
program is waiting on a network socket, which CTRL/C doesn't seem to.

Note, however, that this terminates the process without raising 

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