printing under MS win

Dean Allen Provins dprovins at
Thu Mar 30 19:05:55 CEST 2006

Tim Golden wrote:
> [Dean Allen Provins]
> | My Linux-based Python/Tkinter application runs nicely, and printing
> | works just fine (to a user-selected file, or an "lpr" device specified
> | in the Entry box).  Alas, the user wants to run it under MS 
> | Win, and of
> | course will want to print the canvas for posterity.
> | 
> | A Google search turned up a similar request from many years ago, which
> | seemed to go unanswered.
> Well, you don't really say what kind of data you wanted to
> print, but maybe this page might spark a few ideas:

I'm printing PostScript (the default from a canvas).

It looks like your URL pointer will answer the question quite
adequately, as all the printers here are PS.  Thanks.


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