Python and TSAPI / TAPI

Almad loguser at
Wed Mar 29 12:45:48 CEST 2006


I'm now trying to get our PBX working with our Python application, but I have 
no success so far. I have searched for both tsapi and tapi python wrappers, 
but with no luck, I only found ruby (incompleted) one for tsapi.

No problem, I decided to write my own, using pythonwin and ctypes. However, I 
have troubles parsing responses with struct.unpack(), getting no relevant 
data for pythons equivalent of ruby's eventBuf.unpack('LSSLA21A21A21A21').

So I'm asking: is there any python-tsapi library, open-source or commercial 
(tapi one is also welcomed)? Is there anybody experienced with python-tsapi 
communication? I'd like to wrap C tsapi calls in python (as I do not want to 
write C wrapper, it's a long time since I wrote something in C), is there 
anybody who want to help me? 


Lukas "Almad" Linhart

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