Cheese Shop: some history for the new-comers

Paul Boddie paul at
Fri Mar 17 02:21:19 CET 2006

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> since when is Microsoft a programming language ?

Well, to many a recruiter or middle-manager it almost is a kind of
programming language, given their often vague usage of that and other
product and technology names. But anyway, people who call themselves
"Java developers", for example, who respond to job adverts which read
"Java developers", and who might even surf over to to check
out what this Python thing is all about, might well see the label
"developer" or "developers" and think, "That's me!" And, as if I'd
arranged it to make the point, on the main heading
reads... The Source for Java Developers

I guess isn't just for Sun's internal Java development
team after all.


P.S. The issue is whether is trying to be the kind of site is, appealing to developers in general (ie. people who
aren't working on open source language runtime implementations). Yes, I
know: what would non-developers be doing looking at a programming
language Web site? Well, the Java site touches on that as well, in a
brand promotion kind of way - do you remember "Python Powered"?

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