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Sat Mar 11 06:08:30 CET 2006

Dear Pythoneers,

Looking at IDE's I can have three observations:

1. For some reasons numerous users prefer to use an open source IDE.

2. For some reasons numerous python programmers like to develop an open
source IDE.

3. For some reasons the open source python IDE developers are not
collaborating at all.

The reasons for 1 or 2 are obvious, at least to me. Recently I have
been wondering about the reason for 3. (Probably a lot of python
programmers have wondered about this already for ages, but ok I might
be slow ;-) I came to the conclusion that there was *NO* reason.

As this was so clear, I started to invite all the authors of IDE's
personally to collaborate all together. I hope that I didn't forget
any, because there are so many. What is really nice, is that we feel
the same: we should work together and share as much as possible. We
don't want to waste our (often spare) time on reinventing wheels.
Almost all IDE's (except of two) are participating no matter if they
use Tkinter, wxPython, pyQT, Cocoa, pyGTK, ... (So this could open
doors for an ajax python editor, who knows. Any python web framework
like Django, Turbogears, ... interested in that?)

These projects are participating: NewEdit, scrIDE, Eric3, Leo IDE,
ActiveGrid, PIDA, drPython, pyDev, PyCrust, IPython, WinPdb debugger,
Extended Python Debugger, PyLint, Gaphor, Envisage, Dabo, SilverCity &

It is not about unification, but about a little bit more collaboration.
There are always libraries to share, more as we might think.

In order to give the project shape I started building a (wiki based)
website in plone which together with a mailing list should give a good
platform for collaboration.  (You need to login to edit wiki's.) All
the developers are already invited, but everyone willing to code or
contribute (documentation, translation, artwork, plone website, ..) is
welcome.  If you work on open source project which might be of interest
(parsing, uml, framework, ...) please join or invite the projects which
you think should participate as well.

We will probably work in smaller teams on the various aspects of IDE's
and tools. If this project succeeds it could be a major win for the
Python community.

These are some useful links:

- homepage:
- mail list:
- starting mail:
- developers reaction:
- poll:


PS IDLE is the only one which didn't answer my invitation yet, but we'd
love them to be in the team as well. (Kurt?)


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