Python universal binary for OSX

j.scott.miller at j.scott.miller at
Wed Mar 8 02:14:03 CET 2006

Hello everyone,

I recently made the plunge to an mactel platform because, well, it was
new laptop time.  I have a few python projects I need to get going and,
for the most part, things are a-ok.  I have been using a source
compiled copy of 2.4.2.  I feel slightly uncomfortable doing this,
mainly because I feel like the package installation would have better
support for pygtk and other more tightly-coupled libraries (I am having
zero success with pygtk at the moment - another story... if anyone
would like to comment on this, feel free :).  Is this likely to be the
case with the package installation?

Also, does anyone have an idea on the release - nothing to specific,
just want to see if it is going to be on the order of weeks, months or
(yikes) years.

Thanks for any help!


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