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Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Fri Mar 24 10:46:47 EST 2006

Harlin Seritt wrote:
> I want to make a recommendation to a group of internal customers where
> I work concerning a Python web framework. They are seeking to build a
> portal that can handle around 5000 total users  but probably no more
> than 100-200 simultaneous users. This is supposed to serve mainly
> static content - the content will hold references, tutorials and
> examples for different technologies, a forum (similar probably to
> phpbb) and podcasts (rss and mp3 files). Also I believe it will
> definitely need a decent DB server for this.

Django. :-)

Why not just use static HTML for the static content ? You can serve RSS
and mp3s as static content too. Do you need CMS capabilities via the
web interface ?

Then you can just use a separate forum program.


> They have some other suggestions ranging from Websphere/JSP's to PHP. I
> personally don't think the PHP will scale well for growth and I also
> think that using Java/JSPs will be too slow for this sort of thing.
> I normally work as system and application admin and use Python in a
> number of ways to get the job done. Naturally, I am naturally inclined
> to suggest something that uses Python or something "Pythonic". I wanted
> to suggest Zope but there are also other ones I'm thinking of as well
> like CherryPy and Karrigell. Which one of these (or other ones you guys
> know of) would do the best job in this situation?
> Also do you guys know if MySQL would work with this or should they use
> something more robust like DB2 (IBM shop)?
> Any suggestions are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Harlin Seritt

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