"For" loop and list comprehension similarity

Mitja Trampus nun at example.com
Sun Mar 26 20:38:44 CEST 2006

s.lipnevich at gmail.com wrote:

> On more than one occasion, I found myself wanting to use a "conditional
> loop" like this (with "Invalid syntax" error, of course):
> 	for i in c if <test>:
> 		print i*2

Maybe there's been a PEP, don't really know...
Currently, the only sensible alternative is what you've written below:

> The available equivalent
> feels a bit awkward:
> 	for i in c:
> 		if <test>:
> 			print i*2

This indeed doesn't look nice, especially if you've got lots of code instead of just 
print. An alternative which avoids double indentation is

for i in c:
	if not <test>: continue
	print i*2

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