Conversion from string to integer

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Wed Mar 22 20:05:20 CET 2006

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> Hi,
>   I've been attempting to write a serial program in python. I talk to
> a custom designed bit of hardware that sends me back groups that are 2
> bytes in length. When i recieve them using either pySerial or USPP i'm
> not sure how python interprets them. Both of the bytes should be
> interpreted as one integer. I store each of the two bytes in a python
> array. Here is an example of the data as printed in a terminal.
> ['\x1dz', '\xa8<', '\x89{', '}O', 'r\xaf', '\x83\xcd', '\x81\xba',
> '\x00\x02', '\x00\x00', '\x00\x00', '\x00\x00']
> As you can see it either chooses to represent one byte in hex or one in
> ascii or both in hex etc. I'm just not sure how to get this into an
> integer format.

 Look at array and/or struct modules/

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