Adding method at runtime - problem with self

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Mon Mar 6 14:30:47 CET 2006

marek.rocki at wrote:
> Thank you all for your responses. That's exactly what I needed to know
> - how to bind a function to an object so that it would comply with
> standard calling syntax.
> This is largely a theoretical issue; I just wanted to improve my
> understanding of Python's OOP model. Using such features in real life
> code would probably be classified either as excessive magic or bad
> design. 

or as a dirty-but-pragmatic workaround - just like accessing
implementation attributes. These are things that one should IMHO better
avoid if possible, but sometimes a simple hack is better than no
practical solution at all.

> Oh well, at least now I can be an informed participant of
> language holy wars :-)

Welcome on board !-)

bruno desthuilliers
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