Python equivalent of Perl-ISAPI?

rurpy at rurpy at
Mon Mar 20 18:51:27 CET 2006

Steve Holden wrote:
> If you want CGI then there's no need for an ISAPI filter specific to
> your programming language - you just need to associate .py requests with
> the Python interpreter.
> If you want to use Python as an Active Scripting language (i.e. in the
> same way that VBScript is used) then you can do this by installing the
> win32all extensions maintained by Mark Hammond and enabling Active
> Scripting therein.
> Don't suffer Perl if you don't want to!

Pure cgi is too slow.  "Active Scripting" means ASP, yes?
I need something that will do cgi scripts (a lot of which I already
and can modify but don't want to rewrite extensively, partly because
of time issues, partly because I want to preserve some degree of
portability back to a unix environment.).   I want something that does
for IIS what mod_python does for apache.  Fastcgi looked scary even
on unix plaforms, seems like an act of desperation on Windows,

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