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Thu Mar 30 08:06:35 CEST 2006

Hello, I have a piece of code:

                          command = raw_input("command> ")
               words = string.split(command, ' ')
               temparg = words
               if len(words)<= 3:
                       temparg = words[4:]
                       temparg = words[5:]
                       funcarg = string.upper(temparg)

There's a little snippet of code from my script, it all looks fine,
well, then I have a function that looks something like:

def nick(funcarg):
Well, that's okay, but i get this error when I try to run that command
at the commmand prompt like enviroment I wrote:

TypeError: send() argument 1 must be string or read-only buffer, not list

Well, that is why I put in the str(funcarg) line, hoping that it would
convert it to a string, instead of being a list, does anyone have any
suggestions, thanks, bye.
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