what am I missing (syntax error)

Gerard Flanagan grflanagan at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 5 20:06:47 CET 2006

orangeDinosaur wrote:
> Here's  a section of code:
> for x in occupants:
> 			if x not in uniqueUsers and not in staff: uniqueUsers.append(x)
> 			elif x in staff and not in uniqueStaff:	uniqueStaff.append(x)
> When I try to import the module with the function definition that
> contains this code, I get a syntax error pointing to the 'in' after the
> 'and not in staff'.  I can't figure out why this is bad syntax.  Both
> 'uniqueUsers' and 'staff' are lists.
> thanks for your help!

I think you're missing an 'x':

for x in occupants:
    if x not in Users and x not in Staff:


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