Python IDE: great headache....

Michael Amrhein michael at
Tue Mar 14 21:26:21 CET 2006

Sullivan WxPyQtKinter schrieb:
> IDLE is no longer satisfactory for me. Other IDEs make me very
> confused. Really do not know which one to use.
> I use WinXP sp2 for current development.
> So far as I know, Eclipse + PyDev + PyDev Extension is perfect for
> source code editing. Since I am really not sure how to use the debugger
> module, I really do not know how to add watch to variables etc. Anyone
> knows if this platform is a good one?
> I hope that an IDE should be featured with:
> 1. Grammar Colored highlights.
> 2. Manage project in a tree view or something alike, ie, a project file
> navigator.
> 3. Code collapse and folding.
> 4. Code auto-completion: especially prompting function parameters when
> I am typing a function previously defined by myself. Like the one in
> Visual Studio series.
> 5. Debugging: Breakpoints, conditional pause. watch for variables.step
> into, over and out of a function.
> What about other IDEs? Since I do not need GUI development. More over,
> the free-of-charge IDE is highly preferred.
> 6.Indentation management like in IDLE: press ctrl+[/] to modify the
> identation of a line or a block.
> In addition, I have seen quite a few editors, which are definitely not
> what I want. 
> Thank you so much for suggestions.
Give Komodo ( a try.

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