String functions: what's the difference?

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Thu Mar 9 17:16:15 CET 2006

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> One suggestion: when asking questions here it's a good idea to always
> briefly mention which version of python and what platform (linux,
> windows, etc) you're using. 

Of course, forgot about that. It's Python 2.4.2 for Windows. 

> For testing performance the "timeit" module is great.  Try something
> like:
>   python -mtimeit -s 'import string;from myfile import isLower'
> "isLower('x')"

Thanks for the pointer. I was using time.time(), which I now see isn't
very accurate on Windows. 

> You didn't mention the test data, i.e. the character you're feeding to
> isLower.
> It might make a difference if the character is near the beginning or
> end of the range.

(slaps forehead) I used "A" as the input, of course that would make a


> Have fun with python!

If the few days I've spent on it so far are any indication, I will. This
is my first foray into programming since college; I like 'How to Think
Like a Computer Scientist' much better than my impenetrable C textbook.

Harro de Jong
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