No Cookie: how to implement session?

Sullivan WxPyQtKinter sullivanz.pku at
Wed Mar 29 07:52:52 CEST 2006

As you said, ....There is no solution? I mean, tracing a real session
without using tricks like hidden field and cookies in CGI script?
Dennis Lee Bieber 写道:

> On 28 Mar 2006 09:40:24 -0800, "Sullivan WxPyQtKinter"
> <sullivanz.pku at> declaimed the following in comp.lang.python:
> >  I do not want to use Cookies in my site since not all web browser
> > support it well and sometimes people close cookie functioning for
> > security reasons.
> >
> 	Yes... And watch them flounder on sites that use cookies /for/ a
> form of security (ie, those sites that require logins...) Cookies can be
> set to expire, so the "session" can time-out... whereas...
> > I tried to add hidden field with a sessionID in every python CGI script
> > generated web pages, so everytime my client POST a request, the server
> 	This would imply that a client could start a session today, and
> finally submit tomorrow... There's no real time-out capability unless
> you run some background timer thread for each "session ID"...
> > will retrieve the sessionID and decide if it is in the same session.
> > However, since python cgi do not have a function for redirecting to a
> > page, I use Location: url http head or <body
> 	Isn't redirect normally the responsibility of the web server
> /before/ invoking the CGI script itself? I'll concede I'm weak on that
> level of detail.
> > Really wish python would have session management or equivalent in
> > standard CGI module~~~~
> 	The standard CGI module is only the lowest common base for dynamic
> web pages. The technology goes back decades, possibly even predating
> cookies. Look at the name: Common Gateway Interface... It's a building
> block responsible for getting submitted form data, as passed by the web
> server environment, and returning generated data -- the interface
> between an application and the web server. All else must be built on top
> of it -- hence separate modules for Cookie control, etc.
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