can't send large messages over SSL socket

Bryan belred at
Fri Mar 10 07:08:52 CET 2006

i'm having some trouble this code which i hope someone can help me with.  the 
following client side code works correctly if the length of the message being 
sent in the POST request is 16384 (1024 * 16) chars or less.  if the length of 
message is greater than 16384 an

OpenSSL.SSL.SysCallError: (-1, 'Unexpected EOF')

exception is raised.  this is a port of code that exists in c++ and java 
implementations where they are able to send messages with lengths of 100,000 
bytes.  all three implementations are using openssl 0.9.7d and are sharing the 
exact same binary in a common area, so odds are openssl is not the problem.  as 
for python, i'm using python 2.4.2 and pyOpenSSL wrapper 0.6.  is this a 
limitation with httplib or pyopensll?  i googled for this problem, but came up 
empty handed.

import socket
import httplib
import SSL

def verify(conn, cert, err, width, ok):
     return ok

header = {'Content-Type': 'text/foo', 'Connection': 'Keep-Alive'}

ctx = SSL.Context(SSL.SSLv3_METHOD)
ctx.set_verify(SSL.VERIFY_NONE, verify)
ctx.set_options(SSL.OP_ALL | SSL.OP_NO_SSLv2)

sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
ssl = SSL.Connection(ctx, sock)
ssl.connect((host, port))

con = httplib.HTTPSConnection(host, port)
con.sock = httplib.FakeSocket(sock, ssl)

# raises exception if len(message) > 1024*16
con.request('POST', '/foo', message, header)

res = con.getresponse().read()



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