sizeof(struct timeval)

rainbow.cougar at rainbow.cougar at
Wed Mar 15 15:36:04 CET 2006

Nick Kew wrote:
> Tony Houghton wrote:
> But regardless of whether it's 'safe' amongst current devices,
> you're setting yourself up for a Y2K-family bug.  Except it'll
> be a real one, not a storm-inna-teacup.

Hey, hey, don't go spouting off like one of those ignorant journalists!
I and a lot of other programmers wasted years debugging code ahead of
2000 to make darn sure the tempest stayed in the teacup. The code I
worked on sure as heck would have screwed over a bunch of Texans on
Medicaid, and I would have far preferred to be at my previous job
monitoring Space Shuttle data.

And in that Nick is correct, don't paint yourself into a corner.


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