First script, please comment and advise

Pedro Graca hexkid at
Thu Mar 9 15:17:10 EST 2006

bearophileHUGS at wrote:
> Just:
>> [previous post, hand inserted]
>>> def scramble_text(text):
>>>     def scramble_word(word):
>> Btw. I find the use of a nested function here completely bogus: you
>> don't need the surrounding scope.
> I don't agree, nested functions are useful to better structure your
> program: to really nest things that are logically nested, to have just
> one thing when you have only one thing to do, and they help you to
> avoid polluting the namespace (those were the main purposes of nested
> functions in Pascal-like languages).

I have never used nested functions before, but I like the idea.
For the code posted earlier I stated the reason I don't like it in
another post to this thread.

If you're posting through Google read <>

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