Linear regression in NumPy

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Fri Mar 24 17:59:08 CET 2006

nikie wrote:
> Robert Kern wrote:
>>Both functions are described in the full book. Were you just looking at the
>>sample chapter?
> No, I've got the full PDF by mail a few days ago, "numpybook.pdf", 261
> pages (I hope we're talking about the same thing). I entered
> "linear_least_squares" and "polyfit" in acrobat's "find text" box, but
> neither one could be found.

The version I have in front of me is a bit shorter, 252 pages, but describes
polyfit in section 5.3 on page 91 along with the other polynomial functions.
lstsq (linear_least_squares is a backwards-compatibility alias that was recently
moved to numpy.linalg.old) is described in section 10.1 on page 149.

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