Plone or TurboGears for Intranet

Yu-Xi Lim yuxi at
Tue Mar 28 17:13:56 CEST 2006

m.wanstall at wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just wondering which technology would best suit the development of
> custom intranets in general, things that may be industry specific would
> need to be included (say for an industrial design company the addition
> of internal memos and even extrememly business specific apps such as
> simple inventory control reporting). The other big issue is ease of
> templating as the only Plone examples I've seen have seemed to
> basically use the original template or a slightly customised version of
> it so I'm wondering whether it would be quicker to build it from the
> ground up with TurboGears.
> Any thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated and any examples of
> EITHER used extensively in case studies or the like would be fantastic!
> Thanks in advance!

For custom applications, you'd be better off looking at Plone's 
underlying Zope app server. As an alternative to TG, you may want to 
consider Django.

Memos and non-database apps would probably be okay with just Plone. In 
fact, for memos, design notes, developer documentation, you'd be best 
off considering a collaborative editing solution such as Wiki (of which 
there are numerous variants in any programming language you want).

Though some may suggest a single system to fit all needs, unless you 
require tight integration (e.g. memos reflect real-time inventory 
information), you'd probably do well deploying them as separate "best of 
breed" applications. You can customize the UI to make the differences 
less apparent.

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