Cheese Shop: some history for the new-comers

richard richardjones at
Sat Mar 11 06:50:26 CET 2006

So I wrote PyPI back a couple of years ago. It was just a simple cgi script
and some distutils code. I needed to call it *something* and "Python
Package Index" seemed like a fairly obvious name. Unfortunately, it's also
quite a mouthful. A friend suggested "PyPI" as a good shorter name. He also
indicated that it should be pronounced "Pippy" but that never really caught
on (just a little too cutesy for most people, I suppose).

Fast-forward to PyCon 2005. PyPI sprinters in the same room as PyPy
sprinters. I think you may see where this is heading. Every now and then
someone would say "Pie Pie" too loudly in the room, and *all* heads (well,
except the Chandler folk and Brett Cannon). Something needed to be done. A
new name was needed.

For the 6 months or so following PyCon 2005 I called for new name
suggestions. Some of those are in my weblog. Some are in c.l.p archives.
There was *zero* consensus, or anything even closely resembling consensus.
So I did what people always do in this situation, I asked Barry Warsaw to
name. it. And he did, "Cheese Shop". I liked the name, so it was done. When
the new pydotorg machines went live last year, so too did the name

Rejoice! No more confusing conversations with PyPy developers!


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