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Bertrand Mansion golgote at
Sat Mar 11 11:23:13 CET 2006


First some introduction, my name is Bertrand Mansion, I am still
learning Python and I am new to this list. I have been developping
websites since 1995 and I use PHP since 1999. I have been contributing
to open source projects in the PHP and Apple Objective-C Cocoa
framework community. I studied business at school...

I will go straight to the point, I don't like the new
website. I didn't like the old one neither. The new one is not better
nor worse than the old one, it's just a different shell. But in my
opinion, it misses the point as well.

I am motivated to make a better website for Why ? Because
I am learning the language and I need a good resource to learn from.
In its current state, I wouldn't want to use because it's
messy and doesn't match what I expect. It simply doesn't match the
quality of the language.

Note that I don't care about the logo, the colors, whatever is
personal tastes related and that's not my point. In my opinion, the
design has to fit a mission. I don't think a list of objectives was
defined prior to the new redesign. Here would be my list of objectives
for a new website, feel free to add your own:

1. Give a clear overview of what's available on
2. Organize content and make it easy to access it
3. Be a gathering point for the existing community
4. Reinforce the Python image among the would-be python developers/users
5. Make it easy to add new features in the future

Each of these points would need to be extended and detailed.

Now I have a few questions:

* Is there a community interested in building a better website ?
  - An active mailing list dedicated to ?
  - A wiki with some improvement ideas ?

* Where is the current source code of ?
  - Where are the scripts ?
  - Where are the designs ?
  - Is there a SCM available for checkout ?

* Who is currently maintaining ?
  - Design
  - Code
  - Goals and objectives

* Was the last redesign a community effort or the work of one or a company ?

* How about organizing a community contest for both the logo and the
site design ?
Many people are concerned, I am pretty sure there will be a lot of
contributions, even from outside the Python community (for the
fame...). The winners could be decided by half a jury and half the
community votes. There would be a website to be done to take care of
the applications. Maybe some companies would be willing to sponsor.

Thanks for your replies,

Bertrand Mansion

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