Argument Precedence (possible bug?)

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Mon Mar 6 21:24:37 CET 2006

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> Hello, Steven D'Aprano, Terry Jan Reedy!
> I would really like to extend my thanks to you guys. I hope I've got it
> right this time!
> def posKeyArgs(a, b=2, c=3):
>    print a, b, c
> #posKeyArgs(b=20)  # too few positional arguments. a needs an arg.

Yes, parameter a must get bound to something.
Any of pKA(10, b=20), pKA(a=10,b=20), pKA(c=30,a=5), etc, should work.

> #posKeyArgs(10, c=30, 20)  # pos_args cannot follow any kw_args.

Yes, this is an extreme of flexibility not allowed.

Terry Jan Reedy

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