SSH, remote login, and command output

Tim Parkin tim at
Sun Mar 26 14:03:23 EST 2006

Tim Parkin wrote:
> Spire 01 wrote:
>>Thanks a million!
> I wrote a small tool to implement cron like functionality over ssh using
>  twisted (with public/private keys). This was written to scratch a small
> itch but also to learn how twisted works with conch, it's ssh module.
> Feel free to use, I haven't put a license on it but it would be MIT/BSD
> .. contact me if you want an explicit confirmation.
Actually, unless you are happy to implement a BSD/MIT (or your own)
license crontab parser (crontorted/ the whole will have to be
GPL? The current is from Bothan (Thomas Herve <therve
doesntlike spam AT free DOT fr>) if you're interested, I'll write my own
crontab parser and release it.

Tim Parkin

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