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Paul Boddie paul at
Thu Mar 9 17:47:41 CET 2006

rtilley wrote:
> Steve Holden wrote:
> > Doug Bromley wrote:
> >> I can see Ruby overtaking Python if we don't ALL do something about it.
> I think it's the name. Python. Let's change it to something nicer. Think
> about it... if you found a Ruby, you'd pick it up and put it in your
> pocket. If you ran across a Python, you'd run away.

That's only fairly ridiculous. Sure, there are some negative
connotations in various cultures, but a lot of the jibes about the
Python name are fuelled by the need various people feel to validate
their own beliefs in front of their own herd of programming language
adherents. The reason why a name change is ridiculous now is that you'd
be throwing away 15 or so years of name recognition in a way not
dissimilar to the way companies with established brands spend millions
to throw away recognisable, iconic logos and replace them with swirls
and bright colours that look embarrassing only a few years later.

> Gems is nice too. Compare that to Cheese Shop... who came up with that

I agree with you here, though. I want to be diplomatic here, but Cheese
Shop - a name for a package repository, for those who are lost already
- is really just a totally stupid name. Yes, I'm aware of the Monty
Python sketch, mediocre by the high standards of the Pythons' various
other works, but people really shouldn't have to buy into some kind of
clique to decode terminology in order to get help, support, updates,
and to learn more about the technology they're using. Some people
haven't even seen Monty Python, believe it or not, let alone be able to
quote the less humourous sketches by heart; sometimes people just want
straightforward labelling and humour in places where it's more likely
to be appreciated.


> Psychology is important. Just as important as good design. I think this
> fact doesn't sink in to the Python community.

A lot doesn't sink in with the Python community. :-/


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