MVC in Python for web app dev

Rune Strand rune.strand at
Sun Mar 26 00:12:39 EST 2006

m.wanstall at wrote:
> Please let me state off the cuff that I'm not after a big "Python Vs
> Ruby" war or anything here! I'm trying to make the switch to Python for
> my web development work as I've been using it for quite some time for
> other programming work (albeit mainly hobby and personal interest
> projects) as I'm getting to the stage where the need for a real MVC
> capable language framework is a must simply to save some time and PHP
> just isn't cutting it (although CakePHP is all right and the new Zend
> framework looks to hold some promise).
> Here's where I'm in a pickle! I would prefer to stick with Python as I
> am enjoying it BUT Ruby on Rails is simply too hard to deny a look in.
> The ease that it provides in generating scaffolding and the intuitive
> templating engine is just plain good, adding in to this the RadRails
> Eclipse plugin for a beautiful IDE (I know, I know how great
> vim/emacs/whatever is but still, if RadRails is going to save some time
> frankly I'm liking it already!). I'm aware that Pylons is trying to
> compete with Rails in the near future but I'm just not clear on how
> directly they are trying to compete...will Pylons have the same
> generation functions and other time saving goodies that RoR has or am I
> barking up the wrong tree?
> Basically I'm not going to abandon Python because I find it fits me
> better as a language than Ruby, but when I need to be able to develop
> good, stable MVC web apps in a small amount of time I don't want to be
> wasting my time waiting for Python to deliver something it's just not
> going to (I also forgot to mention I don't want to run on a custom
> little webserver, I prefer the piece of mind I have with Apache - in
> true LAMP style :P).
> So I'm asking for ANY opinions here! For datadriven web apps that need
> to be able to support small and large scale distros, can Python deliver
> or is RoR the way to go?
> Thanks for any help you guys throw at me!! Oh, and any examples like
> current big webapps to back up a particular point of view would be
> greatly appreciated too! Thanks!

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