Creating a text adventure

DannyB dbough77 at
Thu Mar 2 15:38:34 CET 2006

I am in the process of learning Python.  I have the basics down and I
now want to test my abilitiy to use them in a (very) small project.  I
have the idea for a (very) small text based game mapped out in my head.
 It will include two rooms, random creatures (amounts and type) in each
room and random chests in each room.  The basic "battle system" giving
the user the ability to run or attack.  Creatures will have hp, attack,
defense, and name attributes.  The player will have the same.  Treasure
chests will be populated with random treasure.

I'm not adding anything fancy - like I said its just a small project to
gell my newfound knowledge.

What I am looking for is a resource (preferably via the web) that will
give me an idea of how to set things up.  I'm not looking to add any
libraries to the project (so no pygame or livewires).  I'm just using
2.4.2.  I'll add other things when I feel I have 'mastered' the
fundamental concepts of Python.

Thanks for your help!! :)

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