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kpp9c wrote:

> I have noticed a couple markov implementations in python, but none
> quite seem to do what i would like. Most seem to do an analysis of some
> text and create a new text based on that... I think, (sorry i just
> don't know terminology well) a markov table (or is it called a
> transition table) to describe how to get from one event to another.

Yes, a system which does this has to build a Markov chain from a data 
set and then traverse it.

> Does anyone know of any modules or packages that include markov tables
> for creating patterns like shown above.

Any program that actually uses Markov chains to generate new text based 
on existing input as you've described will necessarily create a Markov 
chain.  So if what you want is the Markov chain itself, then it's 
already in there somewhere.

> P.S. Does any one know first of all whether these are called markov
> tables, transition tables or probability tables? I am not sure i am
> referring to this correctly and what the differences would be if any

They're called Markov chains.

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