how do you move to a new line in your text editor?

Fabio Zadrozny fabioz at
Mon Mar 6 16:18:04 CET 2006

Ok, I'm putting those in my 'todo-list' ;-)

-- keep an eye open for future releases...



Jorge Godoy wrote:

>Fabio Zadrozny <fabioz at> writes:
>>Which indenting features do you find missing? Note: 1.0.3 -- still unreleased
>>-- has implemented if / elif /else auto unindent...
>The most basic one is not having my code moving forward with sucessive TABs
>pressed.  When I press TAB on Emacs it use a soft tab (i.e. what Eclips calls
>'space-tab') and indent my code to the next indentation level and stop
>indenting.  Even when in the middle of the line and if I'm in the beginning of
>the line it moves the cursor to the beginning of the code.
>Another that is related is pressing that to remove indentation from the code:
>TAB means go to the next indentation level, no matter where the line starts. 
>The third is using BACKSPACE to remove indentation from my code: if I'm in a
>nesting level and I want to move my code one level down, I have to press
>backspace 'n' times (n == the number of spaces used by soft tabs in my Eclipse
>configuration) on lines where I have code.  (The menu option 'Python
>backspace' doesn't work.)
>These are the most annoying things since in Python indentation matters and we
>use it a lot.

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