Large algorithm issue -- 5x5 grid, need to fit 5 queens plus some squares

Lonnie Princehouse finite.automaton at
Thu Mar 16 07:56:29 CET 2006

It looks like a good start!  Some tips-

- Index your arrays starting from 0 instead of 1.  It will make life
easier (and it's the convention in most modern languages)

- Try a two dimensional array for the board representation?  A list of
lists will do:

    brd = [ [0] * 5 for i in xrange(5) ]

  Now "brd[row][col]" will give the value of the square at that row and

  The printbrd function becomes:

    def printbrd():
        for row in xrange(5):
          for col in xrange(5):
            print brd[row][col],
          print ""  # print automatically adds a newline unless you
follow with a comma

- Or better yet, you don't even need a board representation.  You can
only have five queens, as opposed to 25 squares, so instead of storing
a whole board, just store a list of the positions of queens.

- affect is going to wipe out previous queens "1" with a "3", and you
could still get a count of three or more zeros.

- Try to generalize the problem from 5 queesn on 5x5 to N queens on
NxN.  Is 7 possible?  How about 8?

- the permute function is a nice use of generators

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