Python Evangelism

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Fri Mar 10 01:25:32 CET 2006

Python is a friendly name, like Mickey Mouse. If you saw a real mouse
(or worse, a rat), you wouldn't likely fall in love with it; but Mickey
is about as good a marketing icon as any in history.

Python also has staying power. Snakes may be scary and even dangerous,
but they get respect; think about the symbol for medical science.

A friendly snake is a good snake, and the Python logo snake is very

In fact, If there's one word I would suggest as a slogan for Python,
it's "friendly". Python is friendly for Linux users, friendly for Mac
OS X users, friendly for Windows users, friendly to JVM users, and
handheld users; friendly for web server programmers, client-side GUI
programmers, etc.

Python has a friendly community, is friendly to experts, and friendly
to newbies.

Heck, we're even friendly to other programming language communities

Ron Stephens

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