ODBC module and strange date reference <...>

dananrg at yahoo.com dananrg at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 11:07:16 CET 2006

Been using the ODBC module for Python 2.1 (Win32) and had another
question. When I return data from date columns, it's in a strange
object form, e.g. <something or other> (don't have the output in front
of me>.

What's an easy way to convert date objects into a human-readable
string? I'm using this module to extract data from an Oracle database,
then converting it to a flat-file for import into an old flat-file
database on a mainframe. I need to be able to change the date object
into something the mainframe database will recognize.

Incidentally, I have just ordered:

* Learning Python
* Python Cookbook
* Python Pocket Reference

Are there any other books y'all would recommend as essential Python
references and/or books for becoming fluent in Python?

Thanks again.

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