pyc file usage in a multi OS environment ( newbe question)

HajoEhlers service at
Fri Mar 10 17:46:36 CET 2006

Hi folks,
i have an failover environment for a python application which can
fail-over to a AIX, Sun or Linux Box.
At the moment the python interpreter ( 2.4.2 on all platforms ) and the
application are installed localy but all data and configuration are on
a shared location ( NFS/GPFS)
So far no problem.
But the user are asking to get so called eggs installed which looks
like some python source code files and some metadata.
>From the administration point of view it would be a mess to install and
maintain these - eggs - on all platforms.

So the question arise:
Can i install python code in a shared location so this code can be
loaded either from a AIX, Linux or a SunOS box ?

Since the  .py file are plain python scripts i assume that these are
not causing any trouble but what about the  .pyc file ? ( Which i could
not figure out what they are acutelly for - My knowledge about python
is more or less a drop of water within the python ocean )


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