Server.sendmail with no "to_addrs" parameter.

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Wed Mar 22 22:15:17 CET 2006

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Jeffrey Froman  <jeffrey at> wrote:
>EdWhyatt wrote:
>> But are you serious about that RFC Compliant thing?
>RFC 2822 obsoletes RFC 822, and I don't know of any specification in RFC
>2822 that requires an email address to be present in the To: header. My
>mail seems to generally work fine without a To: header.
>I haven't memorized RFC 2822 though, so you may want to read it yourself if
>you're concerned ;-)

>From RFC 2822:

   The following table indicates limits on the number of times each
   field may occur in a message header as well as any special
   limitations on the use of those fields.  An asterisk next to a
   in the minimum or maximum column indicates that a special
   appears in the Notes column.

Field           Min number      Max number      Notes
to              0               1

cc              0               1

bcc             0               1


So the answere is, that it's not required to have any destinations
listed in the headers of the message.

It appears that it's not kosher to have an empty To: header, though
I think that few MUAs will balk at this

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