detecting drives for windows and linux

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Sun Mar 26 17:27:41 CEST 2006

Max <rabkin at mweb[DOT]co[DOT]za> wrote:

> BWill wrote:
> > oh, I wasn't expecting a single solution for both platforms, just some
> > good solutions
> > 
> > thanks
> Are you aware that this idea is somewhat foreign to Linux? (Maybe you
> are and want to do it anyway?) Linux puts the whole file system 
> (including mounted iPods, ISOs and NTFS drives) in one hierarchy.

Yes, but you may still want to distinguish (because, for example, hard
linking doesn't work across filesystems, and mv is not atomic then).

Running a df command is a good simple way to find out what drives are
mounted to what mountpoints -- the mount command is an alternative, but
its output may be slightly harder to parse than df's.


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