don't understand popen2

Sion Arrowsmith siona at
Thu Mar 23 14:40:44 CET 2006

Martin P. Hellwig <mhellwig at> wrote:
>std_out, std_in = popen2.popen2("F:\coding\pwSync\popen_test\")
Your problem is, I suspect, nothing to do with popen2(), which is
supported by the fact that the only thing other than OS different
between this and your working BSD version is the path:
>>> "F:\coding\pwSync\popen_test\"

std_out, std_in = popen2.popen2("F:/coding/pwSync/popen_test/")
std_out, std_in = popen2.popen2("F:\\coding\\pwSync\\popen_test\\")
(and please avoid the abuse of raw strings for Windows paths).

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