Very, Very Green Python User

jalanb google at
Tue Mar 14 10:55:48 CET 2006

Scott David Daniels wrote:
> hanumizzle at wrote:
>  > The one you get with Perl stinks on ice. More than
> > anything else, I would like to have a powerful OO environment where I
> > do not have to worry about the debugger sucking ....
> Do watch your language on this newsgroup.  Lots of people read this
> group and there is no good reason to offend them.  In turn, you will be
> cut some slack.

What exactly is your problem with the language used here ?

"Suck" rhymes too closely ?

Are "luck", "ruck", and "puck" offensive too?
And who gets to decide how easily offended "lots of people" are ?

Why do you think *anyone* else is as offended by hanumizzle's language
as others are by your sanctimoniousness ?


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