Use of Python with GDAL. How to speed up ?

Kent Johnson kent at
Wed Mar 22 14:28:57 CET 2006

Julien Fiore wrote:
> Thanks Caleb for the advice,
> I profiled my code with the following lines:
>     import profile, pstats
> profile.runctx('openness(infile,outfile,R)',globals(),locals(),'profile.log')
>     p = pstats.Stats('profile.log')
>     p.sort_stats('time')
>     p.print_stats(10)
> The outputs tells me that the openness() function takes most of the
> time. This is not very useful for me, as openness() contains most of my
> code. How to know which instructions take most time in the openness
> function ? Do I have to separate the code into smaller functions ?

Yes. The profiler collects statistics for functions, not for individual 
lines of code.


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