Memory visualization

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Wed Mar 15 07:08:30 CET 2006

[bearophileHUGS at]
> Icon is a language that share some similarities with Python:
> During the execution of a Icon script there are ways to visualize the
> memory:
> Related pages:
> I'd like to know if for Python there is a similar program to
> dynamically see the memory in a similar way.
> If such tool doesn't exist yet, I'd like to know if it may be diffifult
> to create it.

Long-time Icon developer Clinton Jeffery gave a presentation on this
topic at PyCon 2005:

    Profiling and Visualizing Python Program Behavior

It was a delight for me to meet him there, since I was an Icon
programmer before Python existed ;-)  He had some impressive
preliminary CPython visualization results, which required (a) a lot of
work, and (b) some modest changes to the core interpreter.  Alas, I
haven't heard more about it since then.  If I were you, I'd ask Dr.
Jeffery what became of that project.

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