Any python HTML generator libs?

Michael mogmios at
Thu Mar 9 23:42:27 CET 2006

> HTMLTemplate + ElementTree works for me too. Additionally I use CSS
> (Cascading Style Sheets) to add style (e.g. fonts, colors and spacing). The
> CSS also allows for different styles for display/print (e.g. not printing
> menus). If you want to see artistic CSS google for "css Zen Garden" .
> Nearly two years after initially using HTMLTemplate, the python code,
> templates and css are easy to maintain. Whereas some code/markup written
> with a python HTML generator is difficult to maintain.
CSS is awesome. It can lead to some real headaches when it comes to IE 
though if you're doing anything very complex. Firefox, Safari, and Opera 
are almost identical when it comes to CSS support now which makes life a 
lot easier. I suggest using Javascript behaviors too whenever you need 
to use Javascript. Pretty handy because it keeps your HTML clean and 
lets you apply code in almost identical way to CSS.

I know of a UI tool (for Java on mobile devices) that lets you style the 
UI of normal apps with CSS. That'd rock if it was available for Python 

Michael McGlothlin, tech monkey
Tub Monkey

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