Why I chose Python over Ruby

Torsten Bronger bronger at physik.rwth-aachen.de
Mon Mar 6 14:20:01 CET 2006


Marcin Mielżyński <lopexx at autograf.pl> writes:

> Roy Smith wrote:
>> In article <duh29a$klr$2 at vilya.larc.nasa.gov>,
>> Bil Kleb <Bil.Kleb at NASA.gov> wrote:
>>> The parensless calls also allow one to write beautiful DSLs with
>>> Ruby.
>> What's a DSL?
> Domain Specific Language. It is easy to tweak Rubys syntax and
> semantics into something that looks like another language designed
> for a specific task.

Yes, however, this is also true for Python in my opinion.  It boils
down to a matter of taste.  I deliberately left C++ one year ago.  I
looked at various alternatives.

After a short time I concentrated on Ruby v. Python.  I read a lot
of language comparisons (with both biases).  Well, my conclusion
was: All "this language has this, and this language has that" is
pretty pointless because both languages are very similar and equally
sophisticated.  I found the appearance of Python code more
appealing, that was all.  The "fits my brain" argument is much more
useful than all discussions about things like continuatons or
multiple inheritance.

The actual reason to choose Python was its set of tools, modules,
and Usenet participants.  I don't want to do something manually in
Ruby which I could have had ready-for-use in Python just for
infinitesimally nicer syntax.  Probably I'm just too old for
language adventures.  Ruby might be good enough for me in three
years but I want to have the full fun now.


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